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Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area in California, KA! began his music career in early 2020. Although his early releases had limited streaming success, KA!’s first official release in July 2020, “All Night,” showed a glimpse of the success to come in his young career. Influenced by the late rapper Juice WRLD, KA!’s early music puts his melodic tones over relaxed hip-hop beats to give a new take on soft rap. His style is perhaps best exemplified in his October 2020 release, “No Sleep,” which experienced similar success to his previous single. Now residing in Flagstaff, Arizona and attending NAU, KA! is focused on evolving as a genre-bending artist with the release of his first musical compilation, “Angel from Hell,” in February 2021. KA! is currently back in the studio preparing to build on the strong foundation set forth by his early success.

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